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            While they’ve been around for quite a while, combi boilers are starting to become popular in a lot of households.  Why? Since the replacement of their existing boiler is the perfect time for that, combi boilers are becoming more and more common.  Let’s take a closer look at them.  What is a combi boiler? […]
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Can all boilers explode?

Yes, boilers can burst and the reason of that is because of the boiler getting too hot and being overused and it should have a break to be able to cool down this is because it allows the boiler to work normal afterwards. What leads to boiler burst? The factors which lead to boilers bursting […]
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Why we are the best boiler service in Carshalton

Bigboss heating provides the best service for you in boiler and heating installation you can see this by our reviews on Google. The reason of us being the best boiler service in carshalton is because we take the responsibility to get the job done efficiently and with as little mess as we can as it […]
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Hydrogen boilers coming to the UK

Hydrogen boilers are coming to the United Kingdom but what are they and how are they helpful, we will be telling you in this blog. Hydrogen boilers These types of boilers would be very efficient and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, how they will run is through thermal energy (heat) and it would be created by the […]
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Pros and cons of electric and gas boilers

  Boilers are fundamental and especially in the Uk as there is a high demand of boiler usage because of the weather in the Uk and the how cold it gets boilers are essential, and it’s important that you get the right boiler for you and look into your option overall gas boilers are more […]
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