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            While they’ve been around for quite a while, combi boilers are starting to become popular in a lot of households.  Why? Since the replacement of their existing boiler is the perfect time for that, combi boilers are becoming more and more common.  Let’s take a closer look at them. 

how do combi boilers work

What is a combi boiler?

  Instead of having two separate units, you’ll be able to enjoy both in one!  Hence, the use of “combi” in the name.

How does a combi boiler work?

            One of the coolest details of this boiler is how it functions.  It’s surprisingly simple, yet it works hard to achieve the tasks that you ask of it, too.  The best blend for a modern household, that’s for sure. 

            The combi boiler works basically by taking water directly from your main water input for your home.   It turns on about once an hour, typically, to keep it there.

  It’s often referred to as “instant-on” for that reason. The boiler itself won’t be running the same, because it’s designed to simply sit and wait until you need it. 

            Since this is basically self-sufficient to keep your water at the right temperature, it actually runs less and it will put less wear and tear on your unit, too.  Once you adapt to hearing the boiler going even when there is no one using the water, it’s pretty special to see just how efficient it is.

Other things to know

            Seems great already, but there are a few other further perks to a combi boiler that you’ll want to know about.

  • They’re efficient: These are smart, modern-designed little boilers that are going to not only heat your water smarter and faster but also retain their efficiency as far as energy and heat loss.  This is great for making your home more energy-efficient in the process, too.
  • They have a small footprint: Space-wise, this is a massive help, especially when you think about those smaller family homes that often have to struggle to make room for true efficient systems.
  • They’re low-maintenance: Once they’re installed, their modern design makes them relatively low-maintenance and they also have a long lifespan so that you can enjoy even more savings.

            While combi boilers seem complicated, their use and their benefits are simple.  When you look at the process of how they work, this added simplicity helps you do what’s right for your home!

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Which is the best combi boiler to buy?

1 Viessmann Vitoden 200-W

2 Worcester Bosch 8000 30

3 Vaillant ecoTEC Green iQ

4 Intergas Xtreme

How much do installations for combi boilers cost?

The installation for a combi boiler depends on the type of boiler and the environment it’s being installed in will cost between £600 – £850 for a budget model, £800 – £1,100 for a mid-range model and £900 – £2,000 for a premium model depending on boiler size

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Pros and Cons of combi boilers

  • Space-saving – no tanks or cylinders are required.
  • On-demand hot water – You don’t need to wait for the water to be heated up.
  • Compact –These systems can usually be fitted easily as they are so co compact

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