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Pros and cons of electric and gas boilers


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Boilers are fundamental and especially in the Uk as there is a high demand of boiler usage because of the weather in the Uk and the how cold it gets boilers are essential, and it’s important that you get the right boiler for you and look into your option overall gas boilers are more costly then electric boiler in installation and electric boilers are more costly on a day to day use than gas boilers.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric boilers


The advantages of having an electric boiler are that it’s easy to install and it’s cheaper to install than a gas boiler furthermore it’s also really easy to maintain and manage. The best part about electric boilers is that they don’t release any toxic fumes which means they don’t need to get serviced as much.



On the other hand, the disadvantages of electric boilers are that it can get very expensive, running day-to-day. Even if your using economy 7 or economy 10 rate, during the day daytime are higher than on standard single rate tariffs.


Advantages and disadvantages of Gas Boilers


The advantage of having a gas boiler is that it’s much more affordable in running and using on a day-to-day basis, Furthermore Uk uses gas has the number 1 source of energy which makes using gas boilers very efficient, unlike standard boiler which loose heat.


The disadvantages of using gas boilers are that you will need to maintain and it can be very expansive and inconvenient as the prices are getting higher this is because the UK is becoming more dependent on gas.


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